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Get more out of your Office365/SharePoint Intranet

After researching a number of big organizations who depend on SharePoint for their communication, we have come up with a tool to make SharePoint more social and straightforward. We're sure that "Attini Comms" will deliver these promises. It adds superpowers to your SharePoint Intranet by allowing it to target content based on user profiles and interest. It has a news publishing system to help you channel important current events.

Attini Comms helps you take your engagement mobile and makes it more intuitive, providing statistics on your news content: number of likes, most viewed, most commented etc. Join this webinar to learn how easy it is to use.

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We always add super powers to Attini Comms, join us here to know what are we upto

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We're proud of our mobile apps providing never before experience reading corporate news

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A demo showing how you can manage the flow of the content and try to get your data viral within the organization

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You can decide and see if your Internal communications can boosted to achieve results you are looking for

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Webinar-28-8-2014 "discussing all possibilties with Attini Comms"