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About Attini Comms

Attini Comms is an end to end news solution based on SharePoint and Office 365. Attini Comms simplifies and streamlines all elements of the process, from publishing news items, targeting content to users based on user profiles, to consuming content on your intranet or mobile device.

Attini Comms gives communicators a way to deliver news and information to users based on their profile. No more updating distribution lists, or sending information to people who do not need to receive it. Communicators can create news, and know that users who need it will be able to see it, on their personalized intranet site or personalized news on their mobile device.

Attini Comms is supported on Standard, Enterprise SharePoint and Office 365 (SharePoint Online). The solution can be on-premise, in a private cloud, Microsoft cloud, or a hybrid of on premise and cloud.

Attini Comms is suitable for companies with about 50 people or more, where email starts to become cumbersome. Attini Comms excels where companies have either separate business groups, distributed users across the country or around the world. This is where the targeting of content provides business benefits.

No, Attini Comms can be deployed on Premise, but we do have a few extra steps to install. As such, you can’t download the trial for on Premise, but just give us a call and we’ll sort it out.

Yes, with Attini Comms, there is an app for every platform (Windows, iOS, Android). This app will display a personalized feed of news and information to every user with a rich reading experience. Users can also interact with information through comments, likes, and share features.

Traditional communication mediums are dead-ended as far as conversation. Users are given the material but don’t have a chance to share it, or comment on it. Giving users a voice can change an organisation.

The Attini Comms platform also streamlines the process, with news published once, and consumed on multiple platforms.

About Installation

For a deployment on Office 365, it takes about 20min to install Attini Comms. At the end of the 20 minutes, you will have your first news channel, and publishing information for your users to see.

Yes, Attini Comms is fully supported as part of the subscription. Should additional support for publishers, or assistance setting up be required, we can also provide that.


Attini Comms is a per head, per month cost, just like Office 365. Should an annual cost be preferred, this can be arranged.

The cost starts at USD 0.75 per person, per month, but bulk discounts quickly kick in after 400 users.

Invoices can also be provided in local currency.

If you go to the free trial page, you just need to provide the details of your Office 365 environment. Shortly after that, you will receive a confirmation email, then an email where you can download the software.

As long as you are a tenant administrator, you will be setup before you know it.

The trial is free for 30 days.

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